Schwimmen & Wellness EN

Welcome in our indoor pool and sauna area

Our indoor Swimming pool, measuring app. 9 x 5 x 1,4 m and a water temperature of ca. 30° C invites you to relax and feel good.

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The use for our hotel guest is included

The Sauna is available daily from 3 pm or upon request.

Opening times for hotel an external bathing guests

Prices for extern bathing guests


Swimming and Sauna











Wellness & cosmetics (currently not bookable)

Foot care, foot reflexology - please make an appointment at the hotel

or massages and treatments - please make an appointment with Dr. Harsch Tel. 0160 948 37 714


Pool party

A highlight for all those who want to experience something very special.

Swimming, sauna, cocktails and finger food.

A very special experience for group trips, clubs, seminar guests, company parties and many more.